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Understanding of creativity is required  in the art astrology.  Every chart varies and has its own symmetry, its adjustments and conflict.  Its very versatile and has lot of symmetry.  To describe its richness and map its connection to individuals is my profession. I try to read the currents that carry the fate of people in particular directions.


I have an motive that astrology should be respectable, scientific and  simple. It should be a useful tool in guiding the individuals which can lead them towards the right direction and get better returns for their efforts.


Tons of thanks to the almighty who bestowed upon me this  talent to help people from problems. Any person need advice can contact me.



  1. mohga mohamed kamel

    Dear sir,
    When will I get married. will i ever get married? My birth details are below
    Name: Mohga, female
    Time: 02:30 am
    D.O.B : 26-10-1989
    Place: Cairo, Egypt

  2. when I will be getting married?

    date of birth :15/12/1986
    place : Bally, Howrah, WestBengal
    time of birth :6.50PM

  3. Will I ever get married, Sir?

    July 14, 1977
    Hong Kong

  4. i m into pharma marketing executive job and facing lot of troubles and even not satisfied with this profession.
    What would be my career growth.Is it possible for me to get job in HR field

    Birth detail
    Name Gaurav
    9 Feb 1986

  5. I m in serious love with a girl and wish to marry her .Please guide is the marriage possible

    Boy Birth detail
    Name Gaurav
    9 Feb 1986

    Girl Detail
    Name hemlata
    4 May 1987
    Bhopal(M.P) India

    Please guide us sir

  6. Kindly help out sir with the above problems.Waiting for ur response

  7. When ll i get married and my husband belongs which job feild ?
    Birth details pooja panday,dob 15 feb 1989,place Chandigarh, time 19:30

  8. When will I get married?????

    Dob: 23 October 1987
    Time : 01.40am
    Birth place : thane, Maharashtra.

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