Detailed Horoscope Reading

Name – M…..T

Date of Birth – 01 09  1985

Time of Birth – 10:30 am

Place of Birth – New Delhi


Important incidents of your past

You are sensitive by nature and cannot bear a little joke on you sometimes. If someone say the thing you dont like, it gets in your heart. You always be in imagination. Your friends are many more but not reliable. It happens sometimes when all your fiends become your enemy and try to hurt you. You have only one friend. That is you. You should remember this.

One of your dearest person (friend, brother, sister, cousin or someone who is very close) may be separate from you forever.

Appearance or personality & character of your Life Partner

Your life partner would be polite and educated. If not educated at least he will be like a scholar or specialist. May be a lawyer or professor. In his home everything will not be fine. Not peaceful because of Rahu and Venus. Your husband’s family member (one) will be live away from the home. 

By appearance your life partner would be handsome and smart. Mark of injury could be on forehead or close to his face. Its also possible that he is already married. If not may be his previous relationship was about to settle but not fulfilled. One of his family member (or close friend) could be in Police, Air Force or Navy.

Life after marriage 

You are a partial manglik. You should not marry with 100% manglik. It is possible that you are unable to find a person who’s horoscope match with you. Means due to your mismatch horoscope you would have problems in your married life. As a result of Rahu, Ketu and Mars the miss understanding and quarrel or idle relationship with your in laws. Mother in law will be of dry nature.
However your Mars and Saturn are not enemies of each other because they have house interchange (परिवर्तन योग).
As a result, you will get opportunities or your life partner will get promotion in his job. If he is in business, something new will be added in business. A fruitful married life you can expect after 2-3 years of marriage. May be you not get the same as much I have said but dont worry, I am going to share a remedy to keep Mars and Saturn in your favor in my next email.
After marriage take care of your father because Mars’s aspect is on Rahu. Rahu who is sitting in the 10th house (Father’s place). Dont worry there is no harm of life.

Best Direction

In your case I am unable to find best direction but let me tell you a direction where you should not go for marriage. If you see from your home place, South is the direction where you should not search a life partner. If you can deny, South West and South East that would also help. Rest other directions will be fruitful to you.

Relations  with your Partner

Your life partner will have love in his heart for you but he will be unable to express. Affection will be there but duties and other responsibilities will be also at the same place.

Estimated time of your Marriage (Marriage time prediction)

From October 2014 to July 2015 you will be under the effect of Jupiter. This is your marriage time. If I see in Gochar (Current Planetery Positions) the Jupiter is in its best position and your ascendant. 2015 is your Marriage year for sure. You can expect your marriage around the July, August, September.

Solutions, Remedies as per horoscope

Mantras cannot be give in emails or writing. Give me a call so I can teach you how to chant and how to pronounce well. Mantras that you need to chant daily for next 43 days. Saloni Gomed is the best gemstone for you. Will save you from unexpected news and incidents. Will help you to get rid of laziness.

Love marriage or Arranged

You have more chances of arranged marriage and not clear love marriage yog. If a relationship is there, will be end to a break up.

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