Jupiter Interchange in Libra

Jupiter transit 2017 in Libra

On the 13th of this month, planet Jupiter will move from sign Virgo to Libra. This transit of Jupiter is special for those who are waiting for something special in their life. Both Jupiter’s aspect and placement are considered auspicious and bring happiness in life. Now that the Jupiter has made a transit, let us know what good news this Jupiter transit brings for 12 zodiac signs.

Let’s start with Aries.



Auspicious Yoga is being made by planet Jupiter in the seventh house of Aries sign. There will be religious activities at home, Money and wealth will increase. There are signs of getting good news at the end of this year or at the start of next year.



Jupiter has arrived in the sixth house of Taurus sign, cannot expect something special or good but there will definitely be good news in the job and employment.



Moving in the fifth house of the Gemini, Jupiter is going to give you some good news within six months. This good news can be related to studies, children or love relations.



Jupiter will not be auspicious in the fourth house of cancer, even then within one year you will spend on something big.



The placement of Jupiter in the third house of Leo sign is auspicious for the wedding ceremony, so the work which was stopped was likely to be completed by the end of this year.



Jupiter in the second house of Virgo sign is the symbol of arrival of money. Stuck (delayed) money will be received this year, if not this year, in the beginning of the next year. This year is very good for monetary benefit. There is also the possibility auspicious (good) activity in the house.



Jupiter has come in the first house of Libra sign. You will be very busy this year, there will be the burden of work for the whole year. Your fortune is by your side but pay attention to your eating habits, this year your weight might increase.



Jupiter will make the scorpions overspend on big expenses, but all these expenses will be on good things, if you are trying to travel abroad, then soon the good news will be received soon before February.



Jupiter is creating great marriage yoga in the 11th house for Sagittarius sign. You will get money from somewhere, there will be contact with high authorities, and you will get good news before the month of March.



For the people of Capricorn sign, Jupiter in tenth house will not do anything special, If you are in business, then new challenges will emerge and if you are in job, then your mind will not be in work. Delayed promotion can be received.



Coming in the 9th house, Jupiter is bringing great pleasure for Aquarians, in the coming 13 months your significant (big) works will be completed due to the aspect of Jupiter. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house.



For the Pisceans, Jupiter in the eighth house is bringing new troubles, your transfer can take place to a place that you may not like, there may be stomach diseases, avoid overindulgence in food.

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  1. Is this article based on moon sign or lagna?

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