Mantra for Early Marriage

Mantra For Early Marriage

My present article is related to delay in marriage and time of marriage. I choose this topic because one of the frequently asked questions from my reader is “when I will get married” or “reason for delay in marriage”.  My readers also request me to tell the remedy, solution for it.

Here I am giving one remedy and it will be definitely helpful for those people who are facing hindrances & obstacles in the path of their marriage.

I have personally experienced that the following remedy is very effective and is restricted to male only. I request to follow all the guidelines for the better results.

You will have to start this ritual from Tuesday. First of all choose a place where no one may disturb you. Take a red color woolen seat (aasan), sit on it and your face should be in West direction. Take a picture of God Hanuman and it would be better if God Ram is along with God Hanuman. You must have to do this ritual at 10 o’clock night. First lit the earthen or metal lamp along with incense and after worship start reading the Sundarkand as long as possible. You have to follow this ritual from Tuesday to Saturday with full devotion. You need not read this on Sunday & Monday.

You will have to continue it till your work is done and I assure you that within a few weeks you will get the desired result.  Sundarkand is very effective mantra for marriage but please note that whenever you worship the God Hanuman you will have to follow the celibacy. Performer of this remedy must avoid the Alcohol, mutton, chicken, fish and other non-vegetarian food. The people who are unable to follow these restrictions need not do this remedy.

You would have observed that you got a perfect match and boy & girl both are almost ready but all of sudden something happen and everything is ruined. This remedy or solution is definitely going to be helpful for you.

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Early Marriage Remedy for Girls

This is about girls who wish to marry soon. First of all remember one thing. This remedy is for early marriage and who are already delayed for marriage. This doesn’t mean that if you are twenty years old you will get married soon. Only those people who are above 27 can do this remedy.

On Trayodashi (Hindu Calendar Date 13) you have to keep fast. Now go to sweets shop and buy different type of sweets in one kg. Take a new white cloth and some money as per your wish. Go to Peepal Tree and lit an lamp. Worship to your own family members who are no more and prayer that if we are forgotten you that is our mistake. If my marriage take place soon I will donate the same things I have now with me on behalf of you. Please help me to get marry soon.

After prayer donate all the things (sweet, cloth, milk in a small pot) to an old pandit. Lit a lamp beneath the same tree on Saturdays. After 2-3 months you will get married.


मुझे प्रतिदिन लोग ईमेल द्वारा पूछते हैं कि शादी कब होगी या शादी में देर का कारण क्या है | कोई उपाय बता दीजिये | कभी कभी ऐसे समय पर लोग फोन कर देते हैं जब मैं अत्यधिक व्यस्त होता हूँ | इसलिए यह उपाय लिखने की प्रेरणा हुई जिससे हर कोई अपनी शादी में आ रहे व्यवधान को दूर कर सके |

यह उपाय बहुत प्रभावशाली है | यह उपाय केवल पुरुष ही करें |

यह उपाय मंगलवार से शुरू कीजिये और एक ऐसा स्थान जहाँ आपको कोई परेशान न करे वहां पश्चिम दिशा की और मुंह करके बैठ जाइए | बैठने के लिए ऊनी लाल आसन का प्रयोग कीजिये | हनुमान जी का कोई चित्र जिसमे भगवान् श्री राम भी हों अपने सामने रखें | धुप दीप जलाकर सामान्य पूजनोपरांत सुन्दरकाण्ड का पाठ प्रारम्भ कर दें | रात के दस बजे आपको यह पाठ शुरू करना है और अधिक से अधिक जितना हो सके पढ़िए | पूरी श्रद्धा के साथ सुन्दरकाण्ड प्रतिदिन मंगलवार से शनिवार तक पढ़ें | रविवार और सोमवार को पाठ करने की आवश्यकता नहीं | केवल मंगल से शनि |

कुछ सप्ताह नियम से यह उपाय करते रहें और काम बन जाए तो भी कुछ और सप्ताह जारी रखें |

ध्यान रहे हनुमान जी की पूजा जब भी की जाती है, ब्रह्मचर्य का पालन किया जाता है | जो लोग इस नियम का पालन न कर सकें कृपया यह उपाय न करें | शराब, मांस मछली, अंडा इत्यादि का सेवन न करें और कुछ समय के लिए ब्रह्मचर्य का पालन करें | यदि इस तरह से आप यह उपाय करते हैं तो आपके जीवन से अवरोध कुछ ही दिनों में दूर हो जायेंगे |

कई बार लोग शत्रुता के चलते चुगली द्वारा बना बनाया रिश्ता बिगाड़ देते हैं | कभी कभी सारी बात बनते बनते बिगड़ जाती है और पता ही नहीं चलता कि हुआ क्या ? ऊपर लिखा उपाय ऐसे ही पीड़ित लोगों के लिए है |


  1. My name is hardik,my DOB is 9/6/1989,time is 6:30(approx) in the morning. I dont have any good job or any business in my hand,whatever jobs i am getting,is not up to my level,and even i am unable to make my best thr. pls help to make my carrier in a good job or business. i am interested to do business , but if any good job offer comes,i am ready for that laso,but currently i dnt have any thing to earn and to start my life or married or well settled life. i am fedup of my worst situations. pls help me out of this.
    Also tell me when will i get married. one jyotish told me that u have aslesha nakshatra that is hurdle for all success,but still how much time i have to struggle? i am already 26. help me out to settle my carrier. give some remedies. and pls tell me when will i get success in my life,at what age,and how will be my life financially.

  2. Hi Ashokji, why didn’t you mention a remedy for the girls who are having delay in their marriage? Why you have specified only for men. Can you please suggest for girls as well?

  3. hi
    plz tell when will i get marry as my jupiter is in house number 7

  4. hi
    plz tell when will i get marry as my jupiter is in house number 7
    my dob is 15 11 1991
    2 17pm

  5. Sir,
    Kindly tell me,as a mother can I do the Hanuman Pooja on behalf of my son. For marriage.

  6. Sir,
    As a mother can I do the Pooja for my son.

  7. Can a girl follow the same procedure as it is mentioned for boys ??

  8. Please tell me when i get married i m 28 now my family is in tensed now that so many boys came to see but for some reason it is always cancelled. Y what is the reason i dont know but i want to knew when i vil get married what is the reason it is not happening please reply me as well as possible.

  9. My date of birth id 14th nov 1989,time morning 8.30 tuesday

  10. Hi Sir,

    Me and my fiancee got 28 gunas matching out of 36. But both of our “Nadi” is same, will it cause any issue ? Also we both belong to same sign & same nakshatra.

    Can same nakshatra people marry ? Ours is Aslesha Nakshatram.

  11. MyDOB is 20/7/1984
    Time :5:15am place Jammu(j&k)
    Please tell me
    When will I get married
    N how is my married life.
    Is it arranged marrige

    • creativehelper

      Yes,you will get married very soon.We can also provide you with a marriage report.For that,you need to pay rs.551 for the same.

  12. Hi..

    MY brother DOB is 26/06/1985 , 6:30 in morning in baramati.

    when he willl get married ?

    Thanks you..

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