Consultation over phone

If you want to consult over phone, please SMS your request so we can give you appointment. You can apply for appointment after you pay the consultation fee. All paid users can expect an answer within 3 hours. Click here to pay the consultation fee.

How to pay for reading

You can pay using your debit / credit cards online. You will be redirected to the secure payment gateway of EBS after you fill the form below. If you wish to fill the form later, here is the direct link for payment.

Deposit in Bank Accounts

You can also deposit cash in following bank accounts…


Name: Ashok Kumar

Account No. 0043 0152 4013

Bank : ICICI Bank, Panchkula Branch

IFSC Code: ICIC0000043


State Bank of India

Name: Ashok Kumar
Account nO. 2019 8926 047
Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: Ambala City
IFSC Code: SBIN0010057

After deposit you can send me receipt by email and call me.

Is there time limit for call / prediction

Paid customers get 60 Minutes for consultation. While you are on call, you can write down all the remedies suggested by me. Mantras also given as Video so you can chant with correct accent.

Puja Havan or Hom

Whatever is good for you, I guide as per your horoscope. If I suggest any Mantra, Japa, Hom or Puja that you have to do yourself. Puja or Havan are not organized here.

Expect a callback

After you pay, you will receive a confirmation number. Within 15 minutes of your payments, you will either receive a mail from or you can expect a call.

Send your request by filling the form below.

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  1. Pls suggest me the solution is this marriage prefferable …..will our martiage be successful ….Is there any harm to boy after marriage pls suggest

  2. Hi,
    I have made payment of Rs 500 & also submitted the form for matchmaking so pls let me know when can i acpect feed back.

    Rohidas Shinde

  3. W.r.t. order no.927, payment of Rs 551( EBS Payment ID-37854368) was made by me on 7.6.2015, for horoscope reading,but I am still waiting for my reading.

    • Dear N. Kumar please check your google drive. The report was sent through google drive document share. You can also give me a call or Sms at 9017 588 688

  4. Hi,
    I have made payment of Rs 500 & also submitted the form for matchmaking so pls let me know when can i expect feed back and detailed report

  5. Hello Sir, W.r.t. order no.927, payment of Rs 551( EBS Payment ID-39208165) was made by me on 9.7.2015, for detailed horoscope ,but I am still waiting for my reading. Please suggest by when will I received it.

  6. W.r.t. order no.927, payment of Rs 551( EBS Payment ID-39716017) was made by me on 20.07.2015, for horoscope reading,but I am still waiting for my reading. I have checked my google drive also but no reading was there.

  7. Sunil Kumar Roshan

    Sir ,
    My name is Sunil and I have paid Rs. 751 on 30 July 2015 for Horoscope reading of 2 persons named Sunil Kumar Roshan and Gaurav Kumar Roshan .
    After how many days will I get the two horoscopes . Will I get it through my Email.

  8. W.r.t. order no.927, payment of Rs 751( EBS Payment ID-40463271) was made by me on 03.08.2015, for horoscope reading,when i may get my readings….Pls send it to my yahoo mail id only sir…

  9. otherwise send it to manujakumari***** u sir.

  10. I want to perform matchmaking

  11. W.r.t. order no.927, payment of Rs 751( EBS Payment ID-40463271) was made by me on 03.8.2015, for two horoscope reading,but I am still waiting for my reading.When i may get my readings?

  12. Yes sir, i am still unable to find it.

  13. please help me.I am moola nakshatra 3 pada (female) and he is jyestha nakshatra. we are in love. we can not live without each can we marry ??? wiil every thing be alright if we marry ? and please tell me the remedie. please suggest me what to do.

  14. On 11.10.2015 i made payment for 2 horoscope and sent birth details by email but i did not receive any horoscope reading yet. Please let me tentative date to complete and send me.

    order no.927, payment of Rs 751( EBS Payment ID : 43325778)

  15. I made payment of RS 751(EBS Payment ID : 43325778) for 2 horoscope on 11Oct 2015 and asked detailed report on two horoscope but i did not get any reply.
    Please let me know by which date i will get the details.

  16. Hi,

    I have paid the required fees and my MerchantRefNo is 123
    I have below questions :

    My name is Tazimbanu Kolhar
    Date of Birth : 18/12/1987
    Time : At around 1.00 AM : between 12.45 AM to 1.00 AM morning
    Place of birth : Igatpuri

    I have below queries:
    1.) At what age i will get married ?
    2.) Whenever I send proposal either I get no reply or rejected ?
    3.) will I marry a person below my expectation ?

    I am software engineer and willing to settle abroad with groom
    Are there any possibilities ?
    or I need to compromise ?

    Please guide here, I am attaching screenshot of my payment

    Thanks and Regards,

    • All the answers are given in the report. For additional questions you will have to pay. Give me a call at the weekend for free 1 2 questions.

  17. Respected Sir,

    I Done My 751 Payment
    EBS Payment ID : 45702472
    I Get A Mail Your Payment Status Is Incomleted But My Money Is Charged
    How Would I Complete Payment

    Please Give Me Suggestion

  18. I have REquested for in detailed horoscope Reading what is the cost i should deposit in your account

  19. Hi sir, I made a payment of 551 for detailed horrorscope on 16th feb’2016. When can I expect my report?
    Order no. – 927
    EBS Payment ID – 49302003

  20. Sasmita Pattanayak

    i had already paid 551 . but did not get the reading

    Merchant Reference Number : 927
    EBS Payment ID : 50241244
    Payment Mode : State Bank of India Netbanking
    Amount : 551.00
    Customer Name : Sasmita Pattanayak
    Customer Email :
    Status : SUCCESS

  21. Hello sir,
    Could you please confirm by when will I get my reading?? It’s been more than a month now and I haven’t received by reading. Neither I am getting in communication from your side. It’s bit urgent now. Could you please consider it on priority?

  22. inderpreet kaur

    i want to know,is there any separation or remarriage in our horoscopes?
    when we should marry to get a happy married life..
    i am manglik and he is not..
    is this match good for getting married.

    my dob: 5 nov 1990 his dob: 28 jan 1992
    tob: 8.51 am tob: 8.35 pm
    place: jagraon,punjab,india place: lakhimpur kheri,uttar pradsh,india

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