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Horoscope Matching by Ashok Prajapati

Hi This is Ashok Prajapati an astrologer from Ambala, India. Most of the people trust on astrology contact me for their horoscope reading. The real astrology comes from intuition not from calculation. When you help someone the blessing of someone make your words true. I believe in this thing and always ready to help you just give me a chance.

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Know about your horoscope matching with your loved one

Horoscope matching for Marriage

When you meet someone there is a reason behind. Now if your relationship have some problems they also have reason. Your horoscope will have all the things very well explained just you need to look into carefully. If you have basic knowledge of astrology I can give you some tips if you dont have just send me your birth details. I will analyze and tell you how much compatible your life partner is as per your horoscopes.

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In case you know your date of birth and time but your partner’s birth details you don’t know its fine you can send me your horoscope matching by name also because I can also check the compatibility as per your names.

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Horoscope matching by name only

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Do you have Nadi Dosha & want solution?

Incompatible Relationship Image - Nadi Dosh

There are couple of things which is very popular in horoscope matching. First is Nadi dosh and 2nd is Bhakoot Dosh. If your horoscope does not match the astrologer will be straightforward. He will say BIG NO for your marriage.  No one wants to take responsibility doing hard work for you which is extremely technical. Yes the Nadi and Bhakoot Doshas are technical points but there are solutions for every problem.

Nadi Dosha Solution

I have observed out of 100% the 75% people who get into love and wants to do love marriage their Nadi matches with each other. The rule of astrology says Nadi should not be same. So the Nadi Dosha come into the picture. No doubt this is harmful for married life and for the health of life partner, family, parents of life partner but only if Nadi Dosha exists in horoscope. The problem is you cannot analyze Nadi Dosha Online because it has so many points where the Nadi Dosha cancelled and computer cannot do this job with accuracy.

The next thing is popular astrologers have no time and Nadi and Bhakoot dosha in Gun Milan is time consuming to analyze. What we need to do is not only Nadi Dosha but also other factors of horoscope should be analyzed.

Solution for Nadi Dosha

What is Nadi Dosha and what are solutions Read Here. 

But I want to say one thing. If you have met there is a reason behind. If I read your horoscope I would find out the reason why you met.  

Know why you met.

Why You Met as per astrology

Why you met - Reason as per Astrology

If you are facing issue in horoscope matching  of if you have less points in Gun Milan with your partner or if someone has told you to do some puja or remedies be careful because sometimes there is already some remedy in your horoscope who can destroy the bad planets. This thing called pariharam in Hindi. You can request your horoscope matching to us. Just fill the form below.

Do not worry These Celebs are also Mismatched horoscope but Still Happy

  • Ajay Devgan and Kajol
  • Abhishek Bhacchan Aishwarya Rai
  • Amitabh Bacchan and Jaya Bacchan
  • Mithun and Geeta Bali

They are still enjoying happy married life do you know how? They have something special in their horoscope that’s way they are happy. You could also have such planetary position which will allow you to marry even if your horoscope is not matching.

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But if you really have problem in Horoscope Matching

Most of the people who get trouble in relationship they do not take care of horoscope matching with an expert astrologer and later they repent. Sometimes the situation becomes too much critical to manage. There are couple of things that could be reason behind of your married life issues.

So if you really have serious problems in your horoscope you will see the results as quarrel fights and arguments on small issues. You will be keep fighting with each other. In such case fill the form below…

Know why so many people asks us for Horoscope Matching Report

Because there are some very deep and critical principal in horoscope which allows us to pass maximum horoscopes that’s why 80% horoscopes matches who order us the Horoscope Matching Report. You could also avail this service for just 1100 Rs.

After giving your and your partner’s birth details you can order your personalized horoscope matching report which will be fully manual. You will get the following things in your horoscope matching report…

  1. How are you by nature. What are your qualities and what are your negative points.
  2. How is your partner by nature. What are qualities negative points of your partner.
  3. Overall planets both of you.
  4. If you marry how will be your married life.
  5. Is there chances of divorce, separation or some critical issues in relationship. What are solutions.
  6. If your horoscope is not matching what could be done.
  7. How will be kids if you marry with your partner.
  8. One Remedy for your good married life.
  9. One question of your choice you may ask before you get the report.

Whatever I give in the horoscope matching report that is 100% manual and based on my own experience. I am working in the field of astrology for over 25 years and that’s why there is no negative reviews about the service.

If you are not satisfied with the service you could simply ask for refund. Here is the refund policy.