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Baglamukhi Mantra Ensures Triumph Over Enemies

Baglamukhi Mantra

Now a day everybody is disturbed in one way or the other. Everybody requires a remedy for their troubles. Every person wants to lead a normal life. There is a solution to every problem. Everybody has his own technique to win over their crisis.  You can seek refuge of Mother Baglamukhi if you are getting troubled or somebody keeps enmity ...

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Prosperity tip of the Week

Keep a peepal leaf in your wallet by plucking it on every Saturday and throwing the old one there.Your wallet wont remain empty if this exercise is repeated regularly On Diwali night wash a Brass utensil by water while reciting the following Laxmi mantra “Aum Shrin Hrin Shrin Kamle Kamalalye Prasid Prasid Shrin Hrin Shrin aum Mahalakshmya namah” * Collect the used ...

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