Horoscope Matching Aries

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We often experience a perplexity for getting an ideal life partner. Sometimes we get impressed in a very first meeting where sometimes even a single gesture leaves us irritated. Thus, to know and understanding of self is more essential then you can find compatible characteristics in another person.

In consonance with all twelve zodiacs, presenting some exclusive details based on our research.

Through consideration of this article only you will not be able to know the pros and cons but it will funnel down your clear instincts towards your future life partner.

Let’s start with Aries, what Aries should look out in prospective match where they instantly feel connected.

Learn the qualities & weakness of Aries

They tend to be ruler at anywhere and everywhere. They believe in king size living and thinking Big, keep them far away from small thinkers and mediocre.

They are highly ambitious and visionary. They like people who finish their work on or before deadlines.

They hate obstructive people, who block their path. They are freedom lovers & of independent nature. Working in teams, they always stay ahead of the team. Honesty is indeed their policy. Their Aura ripples around with confidence and enthusiasm.

Impatience, Short temperedness, and impulsive in nature are draw backs of their personality.

These are the traits of Aries; let’s move on to Compatibility for lifetime partnership with Aries:

Compatibility Aries vs Aries

Considering the traits of Aries, Two Swords can’t live in a sheath. Since mutual understanding and dedication are core elements of any relationship these two people can’t share the harmonic chemistry. Arguments, debates, disagreements, and disputes due to holding different perspective can be a part of their routine life if two Aries go together.

Compatibility Aries vs Taurus

Aries and Taurus get along with each other is a rare sight we could imagine. Their traits and personality is a complete juxtapose. One is full length high flyer, big thinker, Ambitious, Passionate, courageous, and a ruler contrary the second one is Generous, down to earth, patient, and frugal. The bear rare match in marital horoscope.

Compatibility Aries vs Gemini

Ruled by Mars and Mercury respectively they could belong differences in choices but this match is ideal since their business intellects. The thinking patterns are identical. They both know how to fetch out their own benefit from others. Aries focuses on more earnings while Geminis are cost controller. Both make a balance relationship.

Compatibility Aries vs Cancer

This is a combination of Mars and Moon (Fire and Water). As a consequence, it is match of complete high and low. By virtue, water and fire can’t go together. Thus, cancer native faces difficulty to comply with Aries physically and mentally both. This match requires high amount of efforts and focus to succeed in relationship.

Compatibility Aries vs Leo

A Combo of Fire and Fire and even their rulers share bonding (Mars and Sun Respectively). Both native are Emotional, challenge takers, hard workers and so on. This relationship turns out to be quintessential.

Compatibility Aries vs Virgo

Virgos are ruled by mercury and their element is earth which is opposite in nature considering traits of Aries, Virgos are coy, dated and patient. They wish to have a partner who listens and understand them thoroughly. In this relationship Virgo is likely to compromise on fundamentals of their traits.

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Compatibility Aries vs Libra

Fire always needs an Air but if not provided right portion leads extinguish of Fire. Same happens in this relationship individuals with these natives should stay professional in their relationship. Libra is good at avoid confrontation which is a positive for this relationship. But Formal set up works for them.

Compatibility Aries vs Scorpio

Ruled by same planet both have a intercept in traits but unalike house position traits differs too. Aries are straight forward in communication where Scorpio maintains secrecy, malicious agendas and a jealous nature. This relation is purely depending on their understanding. It is in their hands to survive or sink.

Compatibility Aries vs Sagittarius

Sharing same element this is the ideal match to start relationship since both share same interests and traits like freedom, vocal, expressive. Aries possess a wit to approach this difficult personality this relationship blooms with sheer love and understanding.

Compatibility Aries vs Capricorn

Earth and Fire mixture Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, they are friendly, and inclusive but they do not run on bossism, the quality Aries possess. Mindlessness of Capricorn cannot be tolerated by Aries and they reconsider the decision of this relationship. But if Aries is under influence of Saturn, mercury or Venus gives a green signal to this match.

Compatibility Aries vs Aquarius

Ruled by Saturn, this native operates independently they rarely allow anyone to interfere in their life. Aries dislikes their Non- Reciprocal attitude. But to balance the relationship Aquarius natives keeps easy with the dominating Aries. Aquarius is good in managing financial which is requisite for a good relationship. Overall ties are at par relationship.

Compatibility Aries vs Pisces

Ruled by Jupiter, Pisces are calm in nature, highly accommodating and easy to dominate. They always put others wishes in front. Aries could be harsh choice for them but still they decorate this relationship with peace and harmony.


When you are going to consider someone you should remember all the points listed above.  In very first meeting you could find out the good and weak points of someone.  Hope this will help you to decide the right person as life partner.