Mantra for Early Marriage

Mantra For Early Marriage

My present article is related to delay in marriage and time of marriage. I choose this topic because one of the frequently asked questions from my reader is “when I will get married” or “reason for delay in marriage”.  My readers also request me to tell the remedy, solution for it. Here I am giving …

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My present article is related to delay in marriage and time of marriage. I choose this topic because one of the frequently asked questions from my reader is “when I will get married” or “reason for delay in marriage”.  My readers also request me to tell the remedy, solution for it.

Here I am giving one remedy and it will be definitely helpful for those people who are facing hindrances & obstacles in the path of their marriage.

I have personally experienced that the following remedy is very effective and is restricted to male only. I request to follow all the guidelines for the better results.

You will have to start this ritual from Tuesday. First of all choose a place where no one may disturb you. Take a red color woolen seat (aasan), sit on it and your face should be in West direction. Take a picture of God Hanuman and it would be better if God Ram is along with God Hanuman. You must have to do this ritual at 10 o’clock night. First lit the earthen or metal lamp along with incense and after worship start reading the Sundarkand as long as possible. You have to follow this ritual from Tuesday to Saturday with full devotion. You need not read this on Sunday & Monday.

You will have to continue it till your work is done and I assure you that within a few weeks you will get the desired result.  Sundarkand is very effective mantra for marriage but please note that whenever you worship the God Hanuman you will have to follow the celibacy. Performer of this remedy must avoid the Alcohol, mutton, chicken, fish and other non-vegetarian food. The people who are unable to follow these restrictions need not do this remedy.

You would have observed that you got a perfect match and boy & girl both are almost ready but all of sudden something happen and everything is ruined. This remedy or solution is definitely going to be helpful for you.

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Early Marriage Remedy for Girls

This is about girls who wish to marry soon. First of all remember one thing. This remedy is for early marriage and who are already delayed for marriage. This doesn’t mean that if you are twenty years old you will get married soon. Only those people who are above 27 can do this remedy.

On Trayodashi (Hindu Calendar Date 13) you have to keep fast. Now go to sweets shop and buy different type of sweets in one kg. Take a new white cloth and some money as per your wish. Go to Peepal Tree and lit an lamp. Worship to your own family members who are no more and prayer that if we are forgotten you that is our mistake. If my marriage take place soon I will donate the same things I have now with me on behalf of you. Please help me to get marry soon.

After prayer donate all the things (sweet, cloth, milk in a small pot) to an old pandit. Lit a lamp beneath the same tree on Saturdays. After 2-3 months you will get married.


मुझे प्रतिदिन लोग ईमेल द्वारा पूछते हैं कि शादी कब होगी या शादी में देर का कारण क्या है | कोई उपाय बता दीजिये | कभी कभी ऐसे समय पर लोग फोन कर देते हैं जब मैं अत्यधिक व्यस्त होता हूँ | इसलिए यह उपाय लिखने की प्रेरणा हुई जिससे हर कोई अपनी शादी में आ रहे व्यवधान को दूर कर सके |

यह उपाय बहुत प्रभावशाली है | यह उपाय केवल पुरुष ही करें |

यह उपाय मंगलवार से शुरू कीजिये और एक ऐसा स्थान जहाँ आपको कोई परेशान न करे वहां पश्चिम दिशा की और मुंह करके बैठ जाइए | बैठने के लिए ऊनी लाल आसन का प्रयोग कीजिये | हनुमान जी का कोई चित्र जिसमे भगवान् श्री राम भी हों अपने सामने रखें | धुप दीप जलाकर सामान्य पूजनोपरांत सुन्दरकाण्ड का पाठ प्रारम्भ कर दें | रात के दस बजे आपको यह पाठ शुरू करना है और अधिक से अधिक जितना हो सके पढ़िए | पूरी श्रद्धा के साथ सुन्दरकाण्ड प्रतिदिन मंगलवार से शनिवार तक पढ़ें | रविवार और सोमवार को पाठ करने की आवश्यकता नहीं | केवल मंगल से शनि |

कुछ सप्ताह नियम से यह उपाय करते रहें और काम बन जाए तो भी कुछ और सप्ताह जारी रखें |

ध्यान रहे हनुमान जी की पूजा जब भी की जाती है, ब्रह्मचर्य का पालन किया जाता है | जो लोग इस नियम का पालन न कर सकें कृपया यह उपाय न करें | शराब, मांस मछली, अंडा इत्यादि का सेवन न करें और कुछ समय के लिए ब्रह्मचर्य का पालन करें | यदि इस तरह से आप यह उपाय करते हैं तो आपके जीवन से अवरोध कुछ ही दिनों में दूर हो जायेंगे |

कई बार लोग शत्रुता के चलते चुगली द्वारा बना बनाया रिश्ता बिगाड़ देते हैं | कभी कभी सारी बात बनते बनते बिगड़ जाती है और पता ही नहीं चलता कि हुआ क्या ? ऊपर लिखा उपाय ऐसे ही पीड़ित लोगों के लिए है |

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  1. My name is hardik,my DOB is 9/6/1989,time is 6:30(approx) in the morning. I dont have any good job or any business in my hand,whatever jobs i am getting,is not up to my level,and even i am unable to make my best thr. pls help to make my carrier in a good job or business. i am interested to do business , but if any good job offer comes,i am ready for that laso,but currently i dnt have any thing to earn and to start my life or married or well settled life. i am fedup of my worst situations. pls help me out of this.
    Also tell me when will i get married. one jyotish told me that u have aslesha nakshatra that is hurdle for all success,but still how much time i have to struggle? i am already 26. help me out to settle my carrier. give some remedies. and pls tell me when will i get success in my life,at what age,and how will be my life financially.

  2. Hi Ashokji, why didn’t you mention a remedy for the girls who are having delay in their marriage? Why you have specified only for men. Can you please suggest for girls as well?

  3. hi
    plz tell when will i get marry as my jupiter is in house number 7

  4. hi
    plz tell when will i get marry as my jupiter is in house number 7
    my dob is 15 11 1991
    2 17pm

  5. Sir,
    Kindly tell me,as a mother can I do the Hanuman Pooja on behalf of my son. For marriage.

  6. Sir,
    As a mother can I do the Pooja for my son.

  7. Can a girl follow the same procedure as it is mentioned for boys ??

  8. Please tell me when i get married i m 28 now my family is in tensed now that so many boys came to see but for some reason it is always cancelled. Y what is the reason i dont know but i want to knew when i vil get married what is the reason it is not happening please reply me as well as possible.

  9. My date of birth id 14th nov 1989,time morning 8.30 tuesday

    • send your complete birth details with birth place


        • you are a Manglik person your marriage will take place after many problems and you have chances of two marriages next year they are chances of your marriage

          • Tell me my marriage year plz my DOB is 7 February 1992 time. 12:20 am at -Merrut

          • Dear Anjali, You are ascendant Libra and the lord of 7th house Mars situated in 3rd house with Rahu. Due to Venus Rahu and Mars you will have suddenly marriage and before June 2019 you will get married but I would suggest you to marry late. You have chances of 3 break up before marriage.

  10. Hi Sir,

    Me and my fiancee got 28 gunas matching out of 36. But both of our “Nadi” is same, will it cause any issue ? Also we both belong to same sign & same nakshatra.

    Can same nakshatra people marry ? Ours is Aslesha Nakshatram.

  11. MyDOB is 20/7/1984
    Time :5:15am place Jammu(j&k)
    Please tell me
    When will I get married
    N how is my married life.
    Is it arranged marrige

  12. Hi..

    MY brother DOB is 26/06/1985 , 6:30 in morning in baramati.

    when he willl get married ?

    Thanks you..

  13. My DOB is 15/06/1994
    Time 11:20pm kanakapura
    Please tell me
    When will I get married
    N how is my married life.

    • Your marriage will take place suddenly. When you will expect it will not happen but your marriage will happen at he time when you will not have expected it. So it is advised to you, do not expect it soon.

  14. My sons date of birth is 06 dec 1980, time is 9.50 AM, place is vizianagaram, Andhra pradesh, can you let me know when he will get married, as we are trying from very long time .
    Anuradha 1 padam

    • He will get married soon but after performing some remedies. If you are interested so you could take a paid service. I will tell you everything about your son marriage.

  15. My daughters dob is 07/03/1990 time 3.45 pm place bangalore. We are going to start searching a groom for her now, could you suggest if 2018 is sutialble for her marriage when wil she get married
    Thank you in advance

  16. Hello sir my daughters dob is 07/03/1990 time 3.45pm place bangalore. Can you please suggest when my daughters marriage might get fixed?
    Thank you

    • Your daughter is a manglik but her Mars is not a problem. The problem is Rahu situated with mars in 7th house. I would suggest you to arrange Kumbh Vivah or similar remedy in which her first marriage will take place. She will get married soon. Next year from Jan to September 2018 her marriage will be fixed but Rahu is a problem. You must do something for Rahu.

  17. My daughter date of birth is 30 dec 1990, time is 4.20 AM, place is chennai,tamil nadu, can you let me know when she will get married and how is her marriage life…please

    • Dear Sir, Your daughter has Scorpio ascendant. The lord of 7th house is situated in 2nd house of horoscope. This is critical. 2nd thing is she is a strong Manglik. 3rd thing is Mars aspect is on 7th house lord also. So as per my calculations this is kind of 2nd marriage in her life. I am very sorry to say her first relationship will be a break up but 2nd marriage will be fruitful. 2nd marriage will be fruitful due to Moon situated in 7th house in very powerful position. I am ready to give you solution also. If you are interested in paid consultation I charge 551 Rs in which I will provide you full marriage prediction. Here is the link for paid marriage prediction.

  18. My daughter date of birth is 28 July1989, time is 10.02 PM, place is Ajmer Rajasthanai, can you let me know when she will get married and how is her marriage life…please

  19. My daughter dob is 03/09/1989 4:30am. We are facing so many problems in finding good match. When ever good match was found due to some reason things didn’t work.

  20. Good morning sir

    Sushma v
    12.10am birth time
    bangalore birth place

    my first marriage ended in divorce and it’s one year many problems I hv faced in 3 years .
    now finding matches for second marriage wen marriage will happen ..

  21. Hello sir,my dob is 17th Jan 1989,I was born in chennai at marriage was fixed but it was not happening due to financial problems.could u please assist me when will I get married.iam a female.please tell me what was gng to happen sir

  22. Good afternoon

    Barkha Thapa
    DoB 11/7/87
    Time of Birth 11:40 pm
    Place of birth Devapur, Telangana(Andhra Pradesh)

    Can you please let us know when will the marriage happen and how will the married life be?

    Thank you

  23. My details is I’m a female born 1988/01/22 time 925am Durban and my boyfriend is 1988/10/23 time 4 am Durban

    Will we get married and when? Should I continue the relationship?He seems always confused about our relationship , we in a long distance relationship, he never tell his parents about that we in a relationship, they know we friends. But we both searching for jobs and better employment , when will we find a job ? Please assist I really love him a lot

    Jai shree raam

    • I have read your horoscopes. You have many things similar in horoscope. There are high chances of your marriage but the problem is Rahu in your partner’s horoscope. If you wish I can give you detailed horoscope reading in which I will explain your full marriage prediction.

      • JAI SHREE Krishna

        I feel extremely suicidal he never contact me for over a week

        What should I do I want him back ? I am in love with him , unfortunately I am unemployed for doing a paid consult , please help me , I tried prayer and tried calling him but no answer

        Please should I end my life if he don’t call me by Saturday

        Please I beg you please help me

  24. My details are – female
    Date of birth 07/11/1991
    Time of birth 10:20 pm
    Place of birth New Delhi
    I want to know when will I get married?

    • You are ascendant Cancer and the Saturn is in 7th house (self house) which is the main reason of obstacles because from 4th house the Mars aspect is on Saturn. Two or more than 2 powerful planet create unwanted delay and obstacles in marriage. From November in the Major Period of Jupiter and the sub period of Saturn (March to July 2020) you will get married. Hope you got your free marriage prediction. If you wish you can opt the paid horoscope reading in which you will get full analysis. Click here to order Paid Marriage Prediction.

  25. I’m Kalaivani my DOB is 5/9/87 .last year I got engaged with a guy who is not good in attitude and drunken so my dad forced to stop my marriage and it’s stopped.i got a proposal they came suddenly and forced me and my parents to get married to arunprakash who is already married but got issues I’m ready to marry him.2 weeks over they didn’t come over .i want them to come again with full sort of happiness to marry me..i need that guy to talk to me .I felt that he is the heart and soul touch relation sentimentally . kindly help me to get him throughout my life .same community .

    • Please share full birth details as others share. For marriage prediction I will help if you have your details but my personal advice for you is sometimes in hope we fall in love. You should control yourself until you reach on a destination. If you want them to come into your life again you can do attraction mantra.

  26. Hi Sir. I am sandeep. My Dob is 09-06-1986, Time: 07:33PM, Hyd. I love a girl from 11 years. After so many years of waiting she said okay to me in the last Oct, 2017. Now due to some misunderstandings she left me in March. Please help me to understand whether we would marry or not. How to convince her and get back to my love again. Please help me sir. Her DOB is 05 March 1991. Star: Swathi.

  27. When I will get married

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