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Gun Milan Is Not Real Matchmaking

Match Making of Amitabh and Jaya Bacchan

If you are seeking for Gun Milan, many free resources are available on the internet. Many software’s are available for matchmaking but the question arise, which one is better site for matchmaking? Which website provide best matchmaking for free? The answer is “No One” Because Gun Milan is not real matchmaking. How? let’s know. Does Gun Milan Matters? I have ...

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नाम से कुंडली मिलान: Kundali Milan By Name

Naam Se Kundali Milan

पुराने जमाने में क्या होता था कि बच्चे का जन्म होते ही पंडित को बुलाया जाता था जन्म समय को देखकर उसका नाम निकलवाया जाता था अक्षर से नाम रखा जाता था आधुनिक समय में यह सब नहीं होता है अक्सर लोग नाम पहले से सोचकर रखते हैं और बच्चे का जन्म होने पर नाम नहीं निकलवाया जाता अपनी मर्जी ...

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Gun Milan

gun milan

The Gun Milan or Kundali Milan is a process before marriage in Hindus. In this process for compatibility check boy and girl horoscope matching is done by astrologer. In this process astrologer collect the points which is based on Nakshatras. Out of 36 the minimum required points are 18. If the score of gun milan is more than 18 the ...

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Marriage Proposal – Role of Astrology

Marriage Proposals and Astrology

Don’t Get Confused While searching for a life partner sometimes we ignore the person who’s personality is not  impressive. I think we  should at least check his horoscope because luck give you a chance but did not give us time. You have to decide in very short time and if you’re failed, you will never forgive yourself for your decision. ...

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