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Horoscope Matching by Name only

horoscope matching

In olden days when a child was born his parent called Pandit to decide the child’s name according to his time of birth but these days people do not follow the old customs. They decide the name of the child prior to his birth and this trend has negative effects in their horoscope matching. Name must be according to Horoscope by ...

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Horoscope Matching Aries VS Gemini

Horoscope matching aries

In this post I will explain if Aries and Gemini married together what will happen. How will be horoscope matching and compatibility, the chemistry between these two signs. Before I tell you anything the most important thing is here… The horoscope matching is always dependent upon your name in your horoscope according to your date of birth (birth horoscope that ...

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Horoscope Matching Aries vs Taurus


If you ask me about horoscope matching by name of Aries and Taurus they will always have issues in relationship. Horoscope never matches, but if you have been married by a coincidence and both of you have Aries and Taurus sign, then share the below things with each other. It will make a psychological impact and you will understand each ...

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यदि कन्या राशि है आपके जीवन साथी की

यदि कन्या राशि है आपके साथी की

यदि आपकी पत्नी या पति या फिर जीवनसाथी कन्या राशि से संबंध रखता है तो कुछ बातें जान लीजिए आपका रिश्ता और मजबूत हो जाएगा। यदि मेरी बताई बातों का आप ध्यान रखेंगे तो यहां तक कहूंगा कि आपका रिश्ता कभी नहीं टूटेगा। कन्या राशि के लोग परिवार के लिए समर्पित होते हैं उनके लिए उनका परिवार सब कुछ होता ...

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Remarriage as per astrology

Remarriage - Geeta Bali Horoscope

Sometimes first marriage becomes a nightmare and you look for your 2nd marriage. This remarriage situation have some serious reasons in astrology. Those I am going to explain in this post. Remarriage Incidents Being an astrologer I read horoscopes every day. I match horoscopes and create predictions. I do gun milan and interpret what would happen if you marry with ...

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Marriage Proposal – Role of Astrology

Marriage Proposals and Astrology

Don’t Get Confused While searching for a life partner sometimes we ignore the person who’s personality is not  impressive. I think we  should at least check his horoscope because luck give you a chance but did not give us time. You have to decide in very short time and if you’re failed, you will never forgive yourself for your decision. ...

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Horoscope Matching for Free – Use the Comment Box

Horoscope matching is time consuming task but today when you go to astrologer he just using a software tells you the number of Guna. Guna milan is also necessary but only guna milan cannot help you. We check the following points in our Horoscope Matching Report Manglik Dosha Report 1. Manglik Dosha According to Ascendant, Sun, Moon. 2. Intensity of ...

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Love and Matchmaking

Love and Matchmaking

It is true that God makes the pairs in Heaven but its very It is astonishing to see that some pairs could not save their relationship for long. It has been observed that people who love each other don’t care about matchmaking and marry each other. I remember one incident of my life when a gentleman asked me in email ...

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गुण मिलान कैसे होता है

कूट और गुण मिलान

भारतीय ज्योतिष में अष्टकूट मेलापक जन्म कुंडली मिलान का एक प्रमुख अंग माना जाता है | हालांकि अधिकाँश ज्योतिषी केवल अष्टकूट को ही पर्याप्त मान कर कुंडली मिलान करते रहे हैं | अष्टकूट मेलापक क्या है और भारतीय ज्योतिष में इसकी क्या महत्ता है इस पर कुछ प्रकाश डाल रहा हूँ | अष्टकूट मेलापन और गुण मिलान  (Ashtkoot or Gun ...

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मांगलिक से शादी करें या न करें

जन्मकुंडली मिलान के लिए किसी भी तरह की जल्दबाजी करना दुष्कर होता है | थोड़ी सी गलती की वजह से किसी का जीवन बर्बाद हो सकता है | कभी कभी लोग केवल इस आधार पर शादी कर देते हैं कि दोनों मांगलिक हैं | इसलिए कुछ और देखने की आवश्यकता नहीं है | आंशिक मांगलिक के साथ घोर मांगलिक व्यक्ति ...

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Computer Vs Astrologer

Computer vs astrologer

The tradition of matching horoscope is very old in the India especially in the Hindu for the better future life & mutual co-ordination of the Bride & Groom. Nowadays the trend of horoscope matching is very much increased among all the community & religion in the whole world and everyone try to match the horoscope whether it is the love ...

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