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Horoscope Matching Aries VS Scorpio

aries vs scorpio kundl -milan

While Aries natives are sensitive, ambitious, noble-thinkers, straightforward in life, and go-getters, Scorpio natives are generally affected with a certain biased and degraded sense of thinking, malicious agendas, and inclination toward scheming and plotting. Both don’t interfere in each other’s matters. Aries natives are capable of passing the most gruesome orders, but their heart may remain very pure, ready to ...

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Marriage Delay Solution – Yellow Sapphire

Marriage delay solution - The Yellow Sapphire

Everyone knows that Yellow Sapphire can avoid delay in marriage. There was delay in the marriage of Meenu form ambala after being wearing Yellow Sapphire for six months told by a pandit. Every attempt to develop new relationship couldn’t succeed. After reading her kundali I advised her to wear Yellow Sapphire in ring finger rather than index finger. Even though ...

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