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Horoscope Matching Aries VS Libra

aries vs libra kundli milan

Libra natives are ruled by Venus, and Aries natives have Mars as the Lord of their sign. Both have overlapping attitudes and outlooks of independence, determination, discipline, and are open minded. Aries natives believe in impulsive, but clear speech. They do not hesitate to put their thoughts in words and communicate their direct feelings in coherent manner. Librans, on the ...

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Horoscope Matching Aries VS Virgo

aries vs virgo kundli milan

Virgo natives are ruled by Mercury, and Mars natives are ruled by Mars. There exists practically no chemistry of friendly relationship between them, as Mars and Mercury are mutual enemies. Aries natives represent flamboyance, style, extravagance and determination of supreme level, whereas Virgo natives are all about absolute simplicity, grounded attitude, and self-consciousness. Virgo natives do not appreciate the energy-filled, ...

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Horoscope Matching Aries VS Leo

aries vs leo kundli milan

Aries natives are naturally compatible with Leo natives as both the signs are ruled by fire element. Also the Lord of Aries, Mars, and the Lord of Leo, Sun, are mutual friends, thus shovelling the path for a mutually beneficial and easygoing relationship. Natives of both the signs have ‘rajasik guna’ or majestic traits. They are immensely talented people, not ...

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Horoscope Matching Aries VS Cancer

aries vs cancer kundli milan

Aries natives are ruled by Mars, the planet of raw impulse, strength, primordial energy and aggression. On the other hand, Cancer natives are ruled my Moon, hence are emotional in nature, their thoughts remain in the state of constant movement, just like tides and ripples of an ocean. Aries natives are full of vitality, always eager to explore, and propound ...

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Horoscope Matching Aries VS Gemini

Horoscope matching aries

In this post I will explain if Aries and Gemini married together what will happen. How will be horoscope matching and compatibility, the chemistry between these two signs. Before I tell you anything the most important thing is here… The horoscope matching is always dependent upon your name in your horoscope according to your date of birth (birth horoscope that ...

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Mars in Horoscope

Quick Horoscope Tip - Mars

In Mars’s Vimshottri Dasha or time period you learn how to fight against your emotions. Mars is representative of Blood hence affect your blood relations or near & dears. If mars is bad in your horoscope, all your relatives would behave against you and if your Mars is good, all your relatives will favor you. Mars generates your enemies & ...

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