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Horoscope Matching Aries VS Leo

aries vs leo kundli milan

Aries natives are naturally compatible with Leo natives as both the signs are ruled by fire element. Also the Lord of Aries, Mars, and the Lord of Leo, Sun, are mutual friends, thus shovelling the path for a mutually beneficial and easygoing relationship. Natives of both the signs have ‘rajasik guna’ or majestic traits. They are immensely talented people, not ...

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Curse and Blessings – How they works

Curse and Blessings

As an Astrologer I prefer to share with my followers whatever I acquire from my personal experience. I think it is not necessary to be an astrologer for prediction, it is not necessary that you should know how to read the horoscope. You would have observed sometimes that most common man’s words are coming true. Sometimes one man knowingly or ...

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