Top Enemy Signs and Solution for Horoscope Matching

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Solution for Horoscope Matching

In modern times, the number of people who believe in astrology is increasing. People consider it necessary to consult an astrologer before starting almost all their work and  find Solution for Horoscope Matching. Marriage is also no exception to this. But I have seen that horoscope matching has become more of a formality rather than a necessary task. Everyone check the Manglik or Non-Manglik in the horoscope of boy and girl. After that, we check the Gun Milan through horoscope matching manually. After seeing these two things, the decision of marriage takes place. Marriage also takes place, but after some time dispute arises between the husband and wife, quarrels between the wife &mother-in-law start, in many cases the family is broken, in some cases even we see the divorce.

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My question is if there were 36 Gun matched and the situation of Manglik was also considered then why the disputes, situation of Divorce arose.

Based on my experience, I believe that it is necessary to see Manglik and non-manglik, matchmaking of horoscope is necessary. But more important than all of this is matching the zodiac signs of both boy and girl. Except for Moon and Sun, the remaining five planets are lord of two zodiac signs. All these zodiac signs have their own special qualities. Some of these zodiac signs are mutual friends of each other, while some zodiac is sympathetic towards each other, while some zodiac signs are hostile towards each other. The reason for this is that some zodiac signs are of the fire element, some are of earth element. Some are of aquatic elements, some are of the air element. You are well aware that the combination of fire element and water element is not possible. Therefore, when a young man who is related to the zodiac of the fire element is married to a woman with the zodiac of the aquatic element, then there is never any mutual coordination among them.

I would like to suggest that the native of the following zodiac sign should not be married with the zodiac sign given in front of them:-

  1. Aries – The Native of Aries should not get married with the native of Libra & Scorpio.
  2. Taurus – The Native of Taurus should not get married to the native of Scorpio sign.
  3. Gemini – The Native of Gemini should not get married to the native of Aries & Scorpio.
  4. Cancer – The Native of Cancer should not get married to the native of Capricorn & Aquarius.
  5. Leo – The Native of Leo should not get married to the native of Capricorn & Aquarius.
  6. Virgo – The Native of Virgo should not get married to the native of Aries, Scorpio &Pisces.
  7. Libra – The Native of Libra should not get married to the native of Aries, Scorpio&Sagittarius.
  8. Scorpio – The Native of Scorpio should not get married to the native of Aries, Libra&Scorpio.
  9. Sagittarius – The Native of Sagittarius should not get married to the native of Taurus&Libra.
  10. Capricorn – The Native of Capricorn should not get married to the native of Cancer, Leo&Pisces.
  11. Aquarius – The Native of Aquarius should not get married to the native of Aries& Leo.
  12. Pisces – The Native of Pisces should not get married to the native of Leo, Libra &Capricorn.

Conclusion & Solution

A lot of people will agree with me after reading this and they will also ask that if the cause of the problem is there, then if its solution is also accessible. So in this regard, I would like to tell them that if you are already married and your spouse’s birth sign and your birth sign are hostile and because of this you are facing problems. In other cases, if you are going to get married and your & your prospective spouse’s zodiac sign are enemies among themselves, then we can provide remedy. But this remedy can be made available only by looking at your horoscope. The reason for this is that the remedy will be according to the positions of other planets in the horoscope. Apart from the zodiac sign in the horoscope, Jupiter and other auspicious planets in the horoscope also remove many defects. If you have this type of planetary position in your horoscope, then the remedy is possible accordingly. But if planetary position is not favorable then, in that case, we can try to pacify the planets by chanting mantra. If you are interested in the information or want to solve your problem, then do not hesitate to contact us.

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