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As a person enters the marriageable age, then his curiosity towards life partner goes on increasing. Thousands of questions keep arising in everyone’s mind before marriage. Out of all those questions, the most asked question is that what will be the name of my life partner or what will be first letter of my patner’s name. Well if we follow the rules of Indian astrology we can easily tell the name of future life partner. At least we can analyze from your horoscope the first letter of your life partner or love, husband, wife.

What will be the name of my life partner - Basic Rules of Indian Astrology for Marriage Predictions

Before Accurate prediction you must know the basics of astrology first.

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To make successful and accurate predictions in astrology, two types of senses are needed, one is common sense and the other is sixth sense. In this article, we will try to use common sense to find out what the name of your life partner will be or with which letter your life partner’s name will start. The common sense means the basics of astrology, hope you got it.

What is the basic thing for life partner’s name prediction

Everyone knows that the seventh house of the horoscope belongs to the spouse, similarly one thing is more common that the D9 chart of the horoscope is the horoscope of your life partner. Through both the mediums, it can be found out who will be your life partner, how he will be like. You can know everything about your life partner from the seventh house of the horoscope and from the D9 chart. In this post, we will find out from the seventh house of the horoscope what will be the name of your life partner.

The first letter of life partner by your horoscope.

The planet which will have the most influence on the seventh house, that planet will decide what is the name of your partner, along with the effect of any malefic planet on the house, then according to that planet, your life partner will be like. Also, if a planet is sitting in a strong position or in self house, exalted position, then the zodiac sign related to that planet will be that of your life partner. If together there is an influence of any such planet on the house which is being seen by many planets, then the name of your partner should be accordingly.

Also, if there is no planet in the house and there is no sight (aspect) of any planet, then the position of the owner of the D9 chart first house will be considered, according to the zodiac, the name of your life partner will be there. All the above rules come under general astrological calculations, if you do not have basic knowledge of astrology, then give us an opportunity to see your horoscope.

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