Will I Get Married in 2019

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Marriage is not just a union of two people but the coming together of two families. It is an auspicious and most awaited occasion in most people’s life where you gain a partner to share your joys and sorrows with. Your zodiac sign and horoscope speak a lot about how your married life will be. From finding out the right time for marriage to predicting the future of the union, your stars will tell you everything. People meet me and always have this important question, either about themselves or their loved ones – when will I get married Or, when will my daughter get married? Astrology has the answers.

When Will I Get Married? Astrology Has The Answer

Figuring out the right time for marriage can be a tricky question. There are so many things to consider before you take such a big step in life. So, if you feel that you are ready to share your life with a partner and finally up for the responsibility of marriage, then this article is just what you need.

Here, I will be talking about the appropriate planetary positions and astrological combinations that favor matrimony this year. Also, I will be discussing each of the 12 zodiac signs in detail giving you an idea about when to get married.

Marriage Prediction Astrology

The general tone and predictions for marriage in 2019 are mostly positive. With Jupiter and Saturn transiting Scorpio – a phenomenon which occurs once every 12 years – it is a very ideal time for finding love and getting into a stable long-term relationship.

Ketu and Saturn’s conjunction (after March) would bring about spiritual and emotional growth. Rahu in Gemini Rashi could further roll your married life and make it idyllic and peaceful. 16th April 2019 to 10th May 2019 seems like the ideal time to start thinking of marriage, as this is the time when Venus, the god of love, would be exalted and at its maximum power.

How Accurate Will Be the Predictions?

Now, astrological predictions will always give you a good idea of the future. I have helped thousands of couples and can accurately predict the general direction of your married life. Some of the factors that affect these predictions are:

For more accurate and authentic horoscope, I would recommend you send me your date and time of birth. Marriage predictions astrology by date of birth is highly accurate and detailed. If you need a horoscope, I can prepare that too. For a small consultation fee of Rs 551, I can help you with answers to your most stressful questions about marriage.

Aries Marriage in 2019

With Jupiter in the 8th house and Saturn transiting in the 10th house, the chances of your marriage are close to none this year. 

Taurus Marriage in 2019

Taurus in the 7th house is a positive sign, although you may face health problems. The second half of the year is particularly eventful, you can expect the wedding bells to be ringing before September.

Gemini Marriage in 2019

People with Gemini sign can expect marriage proposals by the end of November 2019. However, the presence of Jupiter in the 6th house is not very conducive for marriage settlements. 

Cancer Marriage in 2019

Cancer has to face the effects of Rahu and Ketu on their 7th house that can cause sudden changes in the matrimonial plans towards the end of the year

Leo Marriage in 2019

For Leo, the influence of Jupiter in the 4th house and Saturn’s influence from the 5th would probably delay your marriage till the next year, i.e. 2020.

Virgo Marriage in 2019

Virgo has the strong influence of Jupiter in the 3rd house and hence it is very probable that you will get married by the end of 2019.

Libra Marriage in 2019

Libra, again has Jupiter in the 2nd house, a positive sign for people who are planning to get married this year.

Scorpio Marriage in 2019

Scorpio has Jupiter in the ascendant, a very positive and probably sign that you might have a love marriage by the end of 2019.

Sagittarius Marriage in 2019

Sagittarius has Jupiter in the 8th house, a negative sign. This year is not a good time for wedding bells for you.

Capricorn Marriage in 2019

Capricorn has Jupiter in the 11th house which is a positive sign. Also, the aspect of Jupiter on the 7th house implies that a wedding is a good idea this year.

Aquarius Marriage in 2019

Aquarius has Jupiter in the 10th house which is not a good sign for weddings or marriage settlements.

Pieces Marriage in 2019

Pieces have Saturn’s influence in the 7th house and Jupiter in the 9th house which indicates an auspicious occasion by the end of 2019.

Love or Arranged Marriage Predictions this year (2019)

Are you wondering if you will have a love marriage or an arranged one? Well, astrology can help you predict that as well! The 7th house in your horoscope is the most important determinant of your married life. The Lord of the 7th house decides when and how your married life will be.

In some cases, the Malefic planets like Mars or Saturn can cause delays in marriages. On the other hand, Venus and Jupiter, have very positive influences on marriage and enhance your chances exponentially. Some basic principles of my predictions are;

This marriage prediction will definitely help you plan your wedding better. According to my calculations, I believe that signs going through periods of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or a powerful aspect on the 7th house have better chances of getting married this year.

For more specific answers to your marriage related questions, you can call me, email me, get a phone consultation appointment, or use this link to send your birth details for analysis.